The Atmospheric Effect makes our Earth livable

Figure 1. The tropopause is the boundary betweeen the lower atmosphere, the troposphere, and the stratosphere immediately above.

A warm thundercloud rises up to the tropopause but not beyond, see figure 2.

Figure 2. In the troposphere the temperature drops with increasing altitude, whilst it increases in the stratosphere. Here data from ballon measurements are displayed.

The thundercloud in figure 1 shows how warm air rises upwards as long as the surrounding temperature gets cooler. The cloud is also cooling, but its center keeps some warmth. This maintains its lifting power until the surrounding air gets warmer, which happens at the tropopause. Then the cloud does not rise anymore, but starts flowing out laterally. The temperature gradient shown here is crucial for the temperature at the surface.

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There is no ”Greenhouse Effect”.

Although the climate is an incalculable chaos with many different driving forces, it’s easy to understand its most crucial factors. The main questions are:

  1. How can Earths surface temperature be much warmer than that which the Sun’s radiation would generate at our distance from the Sun? The difference is some 30 – 90 degrees.
  2. What forces are driving climate change? This applies to parts of a degree up to a few degrees.

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