“Classic” new book by Kevin Annett “arouses and summons”

A narrative of extraordinary power and importance, Unrelenting is the long-awaited account of how one man’s courage toppled a Pope and changed the face of Canada and the world.
The twenty year saga of Reverend Kevin Annett to expose genocide and child torture by his own culture has been recounted in part in other books and documentaries, but not until now has the whole story been told with such depth and humanity.
In his own words, and drawing on a rich body of evidence and experience, Kevin Annett recounts a Herculean struggle to force a buried truth into the light of day, and to prosecute church and state for their unspeakable crimes against the innocent.
Unrelenting will rank one day as a classic in the world’s great literature” says reviewer Elizabeth Richeson. “It allows the reader to evolve with the author and endure with him the cost of speaking the truth to tyranny. It does so without cant or rhetoric, with fallibility and humor, but always with its vision fixed on the ‘butchered and betrayed’ children. I sobbed and I laughed. I have rarely been so moved by a book.”
Written as both historical record and spiritual reflection, Unrelenting moves past the bare facts of a global crime to the deeper question of how moral people are to respond to official malfeasance in their own back yard. Its passion and devotion reveal a man who has found his real vocation as “a doer of the word, and not merely a speaker”. In the manner of the author’s own cited 18th century ancestor, the persecuted English free thinker Peter Annett, this work is written not as mere commentary, but to arouse the readers and summon them to change.


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