The Christ Complex

Mara Sophia Ellen Weis R.O., ThD.D.

The Christ Complex is a psychological term used loosely to describe any individual mentally fixed on superiority and/or the claim of being a savior. It is not exclusive to Christian thought.
The idea of a Christ Complex conjures up the thought of a crazed psychotic running through the streets proclaiming his crown to the right hand of God, as in the movie ”The Dream Team,” where a character enters a church, takes off his clothes and tells the congregation he is Jesus. This type of person is delusional with a brain chemical disorder, and is rarely dangerous.
There are many types of disorders in which the Christ Complex comes into play. The worst extreme of this complex is seen in that of a psychopath. Someone that, over time, comes to operate without any regard for other humans. For instance, the most insidious and dangerous psychopaths can become mass murderers or radical cult leaders such as Jim Jones and David Koresh.
However, I want to focus on a more subtle condition that occurs in leaders of spiritual or religious communities which can escape our attention and lead to confusion in those in search of higher knowledge.

The Narcissistic Christ Complex

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