Viruses Raining down from the Sky…. new study, lol.

This article just published on RT screamed to be posted here in Full.


This my friends, is called scrambling to find an excuse for the facts that people are figuring out regardless of the silence by the media and government agencies (in public)- about Chemtrails and aerial spraying of “vaccines”, the use of bioweapons against “mosquitoes” and other nasty “pests” that are flooding across our planet every day.

The entire planet is currently under siege from the flu. This “Flu” is not “natural” and is a chimeric virus created in a lab. The Flu vaccines are all Live Virus vaccines that are shedding this frankenflu virus across countries and continents. None of the usual remedies (natural, homeopathic or allopathic) are working against this “strain” of the flu, and even “their” Flu Vaccine isn’t stopping it- in fact, the latest independent sources are admitting that 9 out of 10 “flu” deaths are in people who HAD the flu shot.

No…. this is a really panicked action from those responsible for the spread of these frankenviruses to try and cover up their acts with some of the most stupid and transparently bad “science” I’ve seen in a while. Note that at no point do they really say WHERE these viruses come from, Bacteria and viruses are swept up into the atmosphere in small particles from soil-dust and sea spray. …. and yet, how did they get there in the first place? No explanation is found…. just some hazy reference to sea spray and the Sahara sand blowing around….

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