Operation Atonement: Ending the Reign of Criminal Churches

Commencing on Child Holocaust Remembrance Day – April 15, 2018

under the auspices of The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)

www.itccs.org , www.murderbydecree.com

The Aim:

1. To identify, disrupt and stop church-related child torture, trafficking and murder;

2. To enforce standing common law arrest and reclamation warrants against convicted churches and individuals, and

3. To legally, materially and spiritually disestablish these criminal church corporations.

The Means:

1. Public Teach-ins, Educational Forums and Ceremonies

2. Public Protests, Occupations, Spiritual Exorcisms and Civil Disobedience

3. Citizens’ Arrests and Seizures of Church Assets and Property

4. Boycotts, Financial Sanctions and Sabotage

5. Public Tribunals and Common Law Court Trials

The Actors:

We the People, authorized by Court Warrants and accompanied by Common Law Sheriffs, special action units and deputized police officers.

Background Information

The growing global effort to halt the systemic abuse and trafficking of children was sparked by the ITCCS in February of 2013 when its Brussels-based common law court successfully tried and deposed Pope Benedict, and convicted Queen Elizabeth and others for complicity in Crimes against Humanity. Since then, similar courts have issued arrest warrants against the highest officials of the Catholic, Anglican and United Churches and their governmental and corporate partners in crime. It is now up to the people of all countries to take direct action to halt the massive child trafficking networks run by these churches because of the deep complicity of existing courts and governments with their crimes. As convicted criminal bodies, these churches have lost the right to legally operate under both international and moral law. It is We the People who must enforce this law and defend children everywhere from religious predators.

The ITCCS and its affiliates in nine countries are launching a new global effort to bring an end to the reign of these child-killing church corporations in the form of Operation Atonement. We have chosen April 15, 2018 as the commencement date for this open-ended, ongoing campaign, for on that day in the year 2005 survivors of the genocidal, church-run “Indian residential schools” in Canada launched the first Aboriginal Holocaust Remembrance Day. Building on this, we are commencing an even more universal Child Holocaust Day so that the global industry of profiting off and murdering children will be stop forever.

The Nature, Course and Strategy of Operation Atonement

For centuries, the state-incorporated churches – especially the Church of Rome and of England – have murdered, enslaved and waged unrelenting warfare against the world’s people, seized and stolen their lands and wealth, brutalized and trafficked their children and imposed a stifling mental and spiritual tyranny over most of humanity. They have done so as partners in Empire and as such are politically protected and legally shielded by all governments from the consequences of their continuing crimes. As a result, these tax-exempted religious corporations have become transnational criminal bodies that are deeply involved in organized crime, the global arms industry and drug and child trafficking. The Vatican is the most murderous and wealthiest criminal syndicate in history, and it kills and corrupts with impunity while feigning humanity and “divine authority”.

Because of this, we cannot stop these churches’ crimes against the innocent without striking at the heart of their power, which is threefold: their money, their legality, and their credibility. For despite their apparent authority, these religious bodies are extremely vulnerable to public exposure because of the depth of their wrongdoing. Our campaigns have proven this by our successful deposing of Pope Benedict, Jesuit leader Adolfo Pachon and three other top Vatican officials during 2013 and 2014.

See more at: http://itccs.org/2017/12/09/operation-atonement-ending-the-reign-of-criminal-churches/

Den hårda sanningen om brotten i Kanada

Microsoft Translator från länk: http://itccs.org/2015/01/25/the-hard-truth-about-the-crime-called-canada/

Tjugo skäl, och 50.000 mer om, varför du bör gå i Republiken Kanata


Mohawk äldste Bill Squire påbörjas ITCCS kriminaltekniska gräva på en massgrav för barn dödade i anglikanska Mohawk school, Brantford, Ontario, oktober 2011

Föremål för en kommande Grand Jury utredning:
1. nio år gammal Vicky Stewart av den Tsimshian nationen dödades vid United Church residential school i Edmonton på 9 April 1958 av skolans husmor Ann Knizky, som slog Vicky i huvudet med en två av fyra. RCMP vägrade att väcka åtal mot antingen Knizky eller United Church, och hotade Vickys familj med fängelse om de bedrivs i frågan.

Fortsätt läsa ”Den hårda sanningen om brotten i Kanada”

Fight Back and Win with these Books!



Fallen is a personal recollection and reflection concerning the lives of four men known to the author, all of whom died by probable foul play. The four characters were survivors of the murderous “Indian residential schools” of Canada and lived in the poverty-stricken downtown east side of Vancouver. The author came to know them intimately as they shared their stories with him and helped to publicly expose the horrors of the state and church-run residential schools.

Fallen is the human face of Canada’s ongoing genocide, written with heart-felt pathos.The characters present a mystery that is never resolved and yet accentuates whatever humanity remains to us: the capacity for the unlikeliest of people to endure alone against unspeakable odds with nothing on their side save themselves. And having found that endurance they become more than victims amidst the usual woe called history.


​This is Kevin Annett’s twelfth book. He is a renowned Canadian whistle blower and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee who has led the global campaign to expose and prosecute crimes against humanity by church and state.

Order Fallen today through this email: thecommonland@gmail.com , or at www.createspace.com/7263374


Vem ligger egentligen bakom handeln med barn?

Bildens länk

I en intervju med Kevin D. Annett (ITCCS) skrivs det om mänsklig illegal verksamhet som tjänar miljarder på droger och människohandel.

Ju djupare ITCCS domstol gräver i de inträffade händelserna desto mer makabra vittnesmål och upptäckter uppdagas, så som massgravar vid kristna skolor i Kanada, eller Irland. Särskild populär är handeln med barn där systematisk slakt på oskyldiga pågår.

Vatican child killings to be halted by court – ITCCS news

n this breaking news report from the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State, the upcoming sacrificial killings by the catholic Ninth Circle cult on April 30 will be halted by action teams using a Papal Nullification Order. Posted April 8, 2017. See www.itccs.org for the full news report.

videons länk: https://youtu.be/FLEoDjS8p7s